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[Ch0De] moves to TF2


Well, it's been a little while that I've updated, but that hasn't stopped me from continuing my improvements to Delorean and making it the best server I can. My focus as of late has been on gaming on the server, and I think some big steps have been made towards making Delorean better equipped for serving the gamer's needs. :-)

First off, I am still running the [Ch0De] Clan Server, but I have made the decision to switch the server from Counter-Strike: Source to Team Fortress 2. The decision was made due to my newfound love for TF2, but also this is where most [Ch0De] players are spending the bulk of their time at this stage. With CS:S taking a back-burner, I will leave the CS:S server down until further notice.

Additionally, there was a major update in how srcds games are configured, which left the CS:S server basically unusable. Due to this, if I want to run CS:S again, I will have to reconfigure it from scratch. While this is not a big deal, it will give me an opportunity to improve the server if we decide as a clan to frequent CS again.

Anyway, the TF2 server is running nicely, and I have made the following configurations to it:

Note that PsychoStats has been removed from the server since HLStatsX can provide inter-game statistics. In the event that a CS:S server is brought back to Delorean, I will configure it to use HLX instead of PsychoStats.

As always, you can connect to the srcds server by connecting to chode.eagleworld.net on the default port, 27015. The server is set to accept 24 players, which is the default maximum in TF2. If the demand for slots increases on the server (and Delorean can handle it), I can increase this number in the future.

Anyway, enjoy the new TF2 server and have fun!