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Minecraft is now on Delorean!


Well, leave it to me to get addicted to yet another game. It seems to be a permanent fixture in my life, that I will incessantly jump from game to game in the everlasting quest for digital happiness. This time, I have found myself squarely addicted to a game that hasn't even been released yet, a nice game called Minecraft.

If you are unfamiliar with Minecraft, you can head over to minecraft.net to get a look at what the game is all about. Simply said, it is a sandbox-style game with old-school graphics in a 3D world. The game requires you to survive the nightly onslaught of zombies, giant spiders, and other evil creatures by creating shelter for yourself and lighting up the area to stave away evil. You also have the challenge of taking a completely virgin world full of resources ready for the taking and crafting your own personal universe to your liking.

The game requires you as the player to learn how to craft tools, work with raw materials, and make many different items or finished materials that will allow you to build what you want. Also, the game is completely open-ended, as there is no objective in the game (other than to survive-of course).

Depending on the type of person you are, you might decide you wish to mine as much as possible and make a Moria-like underground world, or you might want to foster your inner-architect and craft your own castle, or maybe even your own city!

Basically, those of us that loved to play with Legos as a kid are the kind of person that will really get a kick out of Minecraft. However, instead of having to have your minifigs live in your grandiose creations, you can do so yourself!

And, of course, the best part about this is that Minecraft has a multiplayer version! So, you can get together with your friends and build an even bigger world than before. The only caveat is the game is still in development, and isn't quite finished. However, that didn't stop me from jumping into the fray and setting up my own Minecraft server.

The server can be accessed by going to delorean.eagleworld.net over the default port (25565). Anyone who has purchased Minecraft can play on my server. However, I have to check you out first before I will allow you to build. Here's some info on my server:

I am still adding services (I plan on adding iConomy soon, for example), but feel free to join now to get in on the fun. You can also look at the server maps at www.eagleworld.net/minecraft to see an overview of the world so far (North is top left of the map).

So, feel free to join and get building! Eagleworld awaits!