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Delorean takes a fall...


Well, Delorean's reign of long uptime has finally come to an end. While I was on vacation in South Carolina, there was a power outage on July 31st that drained all of the power on my UPS (which is only set up to run for about 15 minutes or so), so Delorean was shut down automatically (so it could be done gracefully, and not by a hard cutoff of power).

Thankfully, I had no hardware failure in Delorean. After almost 700 days of uptime, the server had a nice cake of dust on the heatsink. I clean the system even if it is running, but I had a chance to remove a good amount of the hardware and give it an in-depth cleaning. I also finally installed the SSD used for Minecraft and my mysql partitions inside the case itself.

The system came up with little issues. It is running on the latest kernel for Debian stable and is fully upgraded. The backup disk array, however, came up degraded and I need to resync the mirror. As result, I am keeping the services I run on Delorean (such as TF2, minecraft, etc.) to a minimum until the server is fully ready on the software side.

I apologize for the extended downtime of Delorean. Had I been home, I would have been able to resuccitate the server much more quickly. Either way, I'll ensure my services are back up and running as quickly as possible!