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Delorean loses a hard drive...


Hey, everyone.

Well, it was bound to happen. Delorean had a hard drive crap out on me at the end of last month, which of course means there's going to be some cleanup to do. The bad news is I lost my solid-state drive, which was the home of my minecraft and mysql partitions. So, Delorean lost the home to all of my databases, as well as the home to all of the minecraft files.

Of course, I do run backups, so it's not the biggest deal in the world, but now what gave Delorean extra speed in running minecraft is gone, as my quick solid-state drive is no longer usable. I am currently in the process of restoring my forum databases from backup, which will take some time.

The minecraft data is still intact without issue. I just have not recovered it yet.

The really bad news is that when I set up backups on this server, I missed a critical component: the wordpress database for the minecraft website. So, all of the data for minecraft.eagleworld.net is lost at the moment. I still have a chance of recovering the database, but it will involve me screwing around with the solid-state drive in hopes I can keep it alive long enough to run a sqldump on it. So, we'll see how it goes.

Stay tuned, however, as the two databases will be coming back online later today. They won't be as speed as they were before, but for the forums, you'll hardly notice a difference. The only reason I had my databases on solid-state in the first place was because of minecraft.

Sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused!