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Delorean loses ANOTHER hard drive...

Yep, I lost another hard drive in Delorean. This has not been a good time for the trusty server. This time, I lost my 750GB data drive that houses my samba fileserver directory. The good news is I have all the data saved on my backup RAID array, but here's the problem.

I KNOW I am going to lose my system drive soon in this thing if I do not act quickly. So, I need to take action. Instead of plopping any random drive in to replace my data drive, I will be buying two new 2GB drives and creating a new RAID array. I'll migrate the system drive data over to the RAID array, and recreate a samba partition and recover my data. This will give me redundancy for the future, but it's going to be a difficult move.

Not only do I have to do all of this without losing data, but I have to do it without REBOOTING THE MACHINE. Why? I'm convinced that this damn system drive WILL die if I reboot. So, this will be an adventure for sure.

So, stay tuned. I'll be recovering my data soon. I also have to see if I cannot recover my Minecraft Wordpress database from the failed SSD. When (and if) this works, I will post a full workup on how I did it.