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Here's some basic info about my server, for those of you that care (not many). The name of my server is Delorean, and it's FQDN is delorean.eagleworld.net. It's running in my home in New Jersey, and runs 24 hours a day. While my Internet connection is not redundant or power-safe, the server has a UPS to keep the system and its data safe from power surges and outages, and has at least 3 points of backup for all data.

The hardware I run on is very simple. It's just a Dell Inspiron 530 in a crappy MicroATX case. I added additional RAM and hard drives, plus I attached an eSATA RAID enclosure for backup storage. Hardware specs are as follows:

So, as you can see, there's nothing really special about this computer, other than it was really damn cheap and powerful when I bought it. Just goes to show you that a server doesn't have to have powerful hardware, just a powerful OS. :-)

Other Info:

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