The homepage of EagleRock


Since I love to play around with Linux and keep on learning, I often find myself installing plenty of things on my server and screwing around. I usually end up with a functional server application that can benefit myself and others. Here's a short list of the public services that my server offers:

My Blog
This is the site you're reading now, which provides at least 27 hours of pure joy and entertainment (and sarcasm). Hosted using Blazeblogger on Apache Web Server.
Elite Guard Barracks Forums
A full public/private forum for the EGB, located at http://egb.eagleworld.net. Hosted using PHPBB3 on top of a standard LAMP stack.
Elite Guard Barracks IRC Server (Currently Disabled)
A small, public IRC dedicated mainly to the EGB, but open to the public. Located at egbirc.eagleworld.net, port 6667. Hosted using dancer-irc and the dancer-services addon.
Minecraft Server
I am running a Minecraft Beta server that is open to anyone to join and enjoy. Rules require me to vet you before allowing to build. No whitelist is kept for the server. Many addons are installed, including Hey0 Mod, TownyMod, GriefAlert, iConomy, iStick, Bedrock Gap Insurance, LWC, and others. The Minecraft Blog can be found at http://www.eagleworld.net/minecraft.
[Ch0De] Team Fortress 2 Server
The official TF2 server for my clan, [Ch0De]. The server is running 24-7, hosting a standard TF2 game with koth_harvest_final selected 24/7 plus other stock maps available by RTV. It is running at a tickrate of 66 and has SourceMod installed.. It is located at chode.eagleworld.net, port 27015. A CS:S or second TF2 server could be made on port 27016, but is not planned for the current time. HLStatsX is also installed, and can be viewed at http://www.eagleworld.net/chode/stats.
Vent Server
This server is occasionally used for MMORPG gaming and for whatever need comes up. Connect to it at delorean.eagleworld.net, port 3784.

I'll be editing this page time-to-time to reflect recent updates with the server, and anything new I plop on to it.